Project Update 2/17/2019

Ejection Test Videos

Today we successfully tested our ejection system for the 2019 Argonia Cup. Before testing, we repaired a few cracks along the fins by sanding off the cracked epoxy and applying a new layer. While the epoxy dried we assembled the ejection charges. They consist of three grams of FFFFG black powder around an electric match packed tight with fireproof attic insulation.

Once the rocket and charges were ready, we drove out to a farm owned by the president of Winn-Star, an aerospace contracting company. We tested two charges, one in a cardboard tube and one in a PVC tube. Both of the charges worked but the PVC charge was slightly more powerful as we predicted.

With a working ejection system, we can put all of our focus on finishing our drone. The Argonia Cup is March 30 and 31st this year, about a week earlier than last year, but we will be ready.

Over and out,

Adam Vogel

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